Buy B.A.B.E.S. in the Workplace Ebook

M. Reese Everson’s “The B.A.B.E.’S Guide to Winning in the Workplace is an essential manual for young women entering the workforce outlining some of the challenges they may face as women in the workplace, and giving them the tools to empower them to succeed in working life. Reese shares her experiences as a woman in a male-dominated work culture and how she learned to stand up for her self, and hopes to encourage and educate readers who may be facing similar situations, from gender discrimination to sexual harassment. Using the examples of Beautiful, Ambitious, Brilliant, Entrepreneurs, the book takes readers through their journeys and the important life lessons that can be learned from the challenges that they faced, as well as practical applications of these lessons to modern, everyday life. This book provides tools for navigating the workplace to the beautiful, ambitious, brilliant, excellent woman who want to thrive in their careers without compromising their morals, values and integrity.

What you will learn in this book:

  • how to find your voice
  • how to stand in your power
  • how to protect your name
  • how to realize your vision
  • how to live your impossible life